The title for this comic comes from the song “Gone Away” by The Offspring

PANEL 2 – “El Sanguinado” (The Bloody One) is obviously a parody of El Dorado – (The Golden One).  I suppose the proper Spanish would be El Sangredo or something, but I chose sanguine,  because besides its meaning of “bloody” or “blood-red”, it can also mean “hopeful” (in the four temperament classification). And Kith is hopeful that this new city will give her a fresh start in life (although her personality type would actually be Choleric).

PANEL 4 – The figure is NOT speaking the words at the bottom. The figure is an AJAW, and in the Mayan hieroglyphic inscriptions means either “RULER” or the day that the ruler must perform religious duties. I’ve made this one look more like a frightened human face – could this foreshadow that Kith will cause trouble for some Mayan ruler? Seems likely.

Here are a couple of real AJAWs, from Wikipedia and a photo of the date “8 Ajaw 8 Woh”

Ajaw from Wikipedia







Supposedly the Mayans weren’t as bloodthirsty as the Aztecs, but you know Vampires; they ALWAYS exaggerate when telling a good tale!

PANEL 5 – Heather has heard Kith describe this fantasy MANY times.

And just for fun – here is the rough draft version of this comic.  I’ve learned to put the figures onto a page to see if everything looks OK, and THEN go thru the work to finish drawing the figures.