Miscellaneous cartoons unrelated to “Elvanpyres”

I also wanted to show some of my other cartoons. They tend towards parody, possibly because I learned to draw by copying MAD Magazine, and those guys did a lot of parody.

NASA Ultima Thule Rule 34

My contribution to “Troll Quotes”


Dog owners know this feeling.  For as much as I’ve been around dogs you’d think I could draw them better.


Bendy Arms are easier to draw than mechanical joints

Remember: There are 10 kinds of people in the world . . .

The Suitcase on a plane incident

Suitcase on a Plane


My parody of Jurassic World! A Drunken Ninja Dinosaur with Guns and Light Sabers Vs. A Luchador Dinosaur.


As my friend Jon says “The Nickelodeon legal department would like some words with you.”
Well “You’re TOO LATE!  You’ll never get the smell out now!”

Filler 2 Dora

Here is the filler strip that got more views than any of my regular comics: Harley Quinn Vs. Batman and Robin

FILLER 1So for Halloween I decided to go back to the Harley Quinn well


Here is my parody of Kate Beaton’s Award Winning Web Comic “HARK! A VAGRANT”.   I think I’ve figured out the formula for her humor :   Pick a historical figure, throw in some obscure references, add a fat pony, keep the drawing nice and shaky (hey that’s my style too!) and voila:


This next one is a single panel from a 16 page story I was working on before “Elvanpyres”
It was a fanservice heavy parody titled: “Chachamaru gets Fired”
It told the story of Chachamaru, the robot girl from Negima, getting fired by Evangeline (because Hakase installed unauthorized nipple bumps) and visiting other cartoon robots in an attempt to find a new job.
In this panel she’s dealing with rejection by visiting a “Robo-Bar”

From Left to Right
Bender – Futurama
Chachamaru – Negima
Momo – Questionable Content
Ropponmatsu #2 – Excel Saga
Pintsize– Questionable Content
One of the Puma Twins – Dominion Tank Police


And here is an ORIGINAL story of mine, the one page space saga of Commander Dog!

Commander Dog

More to come!