The Kith / Krampus Sample Story

This is a short story about the little Elvanpyre girl Kith acquiring a pet Krampus that I wrote back in Feb 2013 (after I had written Chapter 2 but BEFORE I had written Chapter 1 – yes, I know that’s backwards)
It is its own complete little story that can be read without knowing anything about the Main Elvanpyres story.
It was a sample comic that I could show to people so that they could read it quickly and give me their opinion on my art/story/comic ability.
Is this short story canon? Yes, No, Whatever works for you.
Whether it’s included or left out doesn’t effect the Main Story.

It is alluded to in only one place in the Main Story; the scene where Kith asks for Santa to bring her a pet Krampus.
That scene is part of a series used to show that the other kids consider Kith to be a bit of an oddball.
But whether or not she receives her gift of a Krampus is skipped to focus on other problems she has with the villagers.

It is only a Christmas story for about the first four pages, and then it’s a story about a little Elf girl and her pet monster.

I decided to do it now (Dec 2016) because I have to learn my new Comic making Software, and this will help me ease into it.
Since this is being done to help me learn the new SW, expect to see some “technical difficulties” and expect some experimentation.
Also completely redrawn for better quality (but still plenty of goofs)

SPOILER ALERT (like you care)

Showing this story now is all kinds of spoilery to the main story.

You may remember Witch Buttercup from Comic # 137 – Hexin Bräu 1: Buttercup

Well Kith obviously winds up staying with her and being friends not being enemies with the local villagers.


“A Very Merry Krampus”

Santa uses magic to make his rounds (of course!) Since Kith is an Elf she can use her magical abilities to detect Santa and force him to stop and talk to her.

Kiths teeth get pointy when she’s excited – see “Elf Shape Shifting” below

Santa is a little bit afraid of those naughty Elves. That’s why he uses GNOMES in his workshop. Elves hate being conflated with Gnomes, it’s a whole different mindset.

Why doesn’t Krampus have chains you ask? Because chains are a bitch to draw!

On Page 4 I started experimenting with the new Clip Studio Paint Pro. I need LOTS of practice. Note: Panel 1 is outside at night,  Panels 2-5 outside on a cloudy morning, Panel 6 inside Witch Buttercups house. There is supposed to be patchy snow on the ground outside but I can’t do that effect yet.

Panel 2 parody reference: Lion King song “Circle of Life”  (Clickable Link to Song)
EVERYTHING that the shadows touch belongs to Kith of the Shadows . .


I got everything up-loaded to the web site and THEN noticed the vertical boards in Kiths room looked like trees, and so I had to go back and change them to horizontal boards (another half hour of work)

The things I have to draw for the sake of comedy . . .
Note the sword is just a toy he requested for Christmas, and “Üter” is just a Simpson reference,  I haven’t decided on names for the villagers yet.


This takes place in Witch Buttercups house. The Horizontal bands are the wall boards.  They just happen to go vertical in Panel 4 because Kith is standing in front of a different wall. Either that or the vertical lines are a metaphor for bars showing that Buttercup has Kith trapped.

Fortunately for Sparky, Santa thinks globally but hires locally, meaning all his Krampus helpers are local contractors. So it turns out that Sparky lives just down the forest path from Kith.

Take a wild guess which prankster signed Sparky up for the Krampus International program.



Goat-People (Capra Erectus)

Science recognizes 3 species of goat-people (Capra Erectus) in the Alphine area: Faunus, Satyros, and Krampus.

In the South and West are Fauns, the smallest, with short hair (light tan to roe), nubby horns and human-like nails on their hands.

In the South East are Satyros, medium sized, with longer hair (darker brown), short horns and their nails end in stubby claws.

In the North are Krampus, larger, with shaggy hair (white to dark gray), longer horns and longish claws (good for snatching naughty children)

Note that the claws on an adult Krampus are still shorter than the fully extended claws of an Elf child (like Kith).

Note on Elf “Shape Shifting”

Elves have minor “Shape Shifting ” abilities. These are:

Ears – Elves get a magical “Hearing Bonus”.  If it is turned all the way up their ears get big, if they turn it off their ears are only slightly bigger than Human ears (but still pointed).
Normally they have it set mid-range.

Claws – Elf fingers have Human-like nails, but they can change these into claws as the need arises, like short curved claws for climbing or long straight claws for fighting.

Tongue –  If they stick their tongues all the way out they become forked, to become (as Kith describes it to Buttercup) “an enhanced directional prey finding thingy”.

Teeth – Normally only the Elf  upper canines are long and pointed, but if they get excited or scared, ALL their teeth become pointed.

Wild Hunt Spell – causes the Elves to go into “Beast Mode”

Glamours – Cast by Elves or their Witches to allow Elves to pass among Humans undetected.