Is ELVANPYRES (The Burning Elves) the right ELF / VAMPIRE WebComic for you?

Well you want entertainment and this page is here to help you get it.
But even if you don’t read the main comic you should check out the Parody Comic page for some non-Vampire laughs.

The “10 Comic Test Drive” is below these EXAMPLE PAGES.


Comic #110: The Elvan Scholars create the first (Index) Vampires

Comic #151: The Forsaken Elf Girl KITH Swears Vengeance Against RALF

A normal revenge plot has the child HERO swear to grow up and get vengeance against the adult VILLAIN, but in this story the VILLAIN PROTAGONIST swears vengeance against the IDIOT HERO.

The first thing you should know about this comic is that it is my “learning to draw a comic” experience, so if you start at the beginning the artwork is going to be VERY rough.

Most people don’t enjoy reading poorly drawn comics, so I recommend starting at page 93, which is when the Elves get turned into Elf Vampires (Elvanpyres).

At that point the artwork has improved quite a bit and continues to get better.

In this Story-verse the Elves are wacky funsters that enjoy mischief.
And because they created the Human Vampires, the Vampires are also wacky.
The Witches can be aligned with any faction, and some are nice while others are mean.

Note that the main storyline is a full color comic, while the “Preview/Filler” comics are Black and White (mostly).
The non-Elf/Vampire comics on the “Parody” page can be either.


So what kind of wacky are we talking? Let’s look at some examples.

Here is a PREVIEW PAGE of Ralf the Elf arguing with the Vampire guards at Elf-Ridge.

Here is a PREVIEW PAGE of a wacky Vampire (their “Master Strategist” Thadium) and a mean Witch (Prime Witch Violet, controller of Elf-Ridge)

– So –


This is the “mini-arc” that tells how the Vampires turned against the Elves. It’s 10 pages long, and it’s got a hint of both SEX and VIOLENCE with plot development and humor.

115 – Dive into Madness

The Vampires begin to suspect the Elves are up to some tricks.


116 – Elf ❤ Vampire (Sex and Death)

The Vampires have sex with the Elves to try to learn their secrets


117 – World of Worry

Both the Elves and the god Odin are worried about each others moves.


118 – Vampires and Vaults

The Elves bitch about the Vampires playing a D&D like game.


119 – Created To Be Destroyed

The Vampires learn that they are but pawns in the Elves real plan.


120 – The Prime Bitch

In order to stop the Elves, the Vampires go to Prime Witch Violet


121 – To Kill an Elf . . .

Violet tells the Vampires how to kill the Elves


122 – Too Sexy?

The Vampires spring their trap.


123 – Ward First, THEN Summon

The big fight scene.


124 – Hail to the BITCH, Baby

Prime Witch Violet is the clear winner.


So if you’re interested in reading ELVANPYRES (The Burning Elves) you can either get the Story Recap (with lots more pictures) on “The Story” page –


Or begin reading where Odin orders the disgraced Cthulu wizard Nozferklaatu to cast “Flames of the Elvanpyres” (Comic #93), which turns the Elves into Vampires

Flames of the ElvanPYRES


Mike the Mountain Elf


Notes on Page Numbers

Comic #66 Pan-Ghoulin’s mini-arc begins on page 66 and runs for 6 pages, and he’s a BEAST! (666)

Comic #116 (eleven-six) is about Elven sex

Comic #123 The Elf Scholars get taken out  1-2-3