A short time later . . .


I’m sure Kiths new “move” doesn’t foreshadow ANY events that may happen later in the story.
We can rest easy about the safety of any future settlements Kith might encounter, be they villages, towns, or something larger, like, um, I guess  .   .   .  A  CITY??

The name of Kiths “Signature Finishing Move” is a twist on the outdoor motto:

“Take only memories, leave only footprints.”

Here is how the incident appeared in the Preview/Spoiler pages:

Literary Note:

“The Horror” is a phrase found in Joseph Conrad’s

“Heart of Darkness”

(and it’s modern adaptation, the film “Apocalypse Now”)

The use of this phrase could imply: evil practices, crumbling sanity, or an illusion of understanding.  The phrase symbolizes the frightening reaction and fearful utterance after witnessing evil acts.