Clover’s coupons may be weak magic, but she succeeded in distracting Kith. Note that Kith’s extra hat is the one Heather took off.

Heather has been suspicious of Clover’s abilities since they first met.

Originally this comic was laid out differently, Clover started trying to cast by saying the 1st line of the limerick, and Kith says “I like that one”.
Then as Heather and Clover continue speaking to each other, Kith (from off panel) recites the limerick:

There once was a kitten named Runt
Who thought petting her fur an affront
She didn’t like lotions
Or circular motions
Because she’s a pussy not a wet . . .

Kith (teasingly):
Hey Heather, I forgot the last word of that limerick. Do you know what it is?

Heather (exasperated at dealing with the 2 jokers):
I’m lookin’ at it!