137 – Hexin Bräu 1 Butter Cup

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137 – Hexin Bräu 1: Butter Cup
I'm showing you the "Witch Buttercup" Card, placing it in the Chapter Two Deck and giving it a good shuffle. Don't be surprised when part-way thru Chapter Two, at a KEY NAIL BITING MOMENT I announce: "You just activated my WITCH CARD!" (Answer to Panel 1 "What's the reference Kenneth" in the transcript - IT'S A FUNNY AND WEIRD MASH-UP VIDEO)

Panel 1 Reference Answer: Lazy Town-Cooking by the book remix ft. Lil Jon

Hexin Bräu 1: Butter Cup
There was a Witch named Buttercup who was never very good at magic because she ignored what her mentor told her: "You gotta do the casting by the book"
Witch Stephanie: ♬ Or the spell will end up craaazzy! ♪
Buttercup: Oh dear . . .
Hell Poppin' Demons: Break it down Witch! Let me see you back it up!
Note: Buttercup was having difficulty with her magic and tried to cast "HELP OPEN", but instead accidentally cast "HELL POPPIN'".

So no town wanted her as their Village Witch
Irate Village Woman: You SUCK as a Witch! HIT THE ROAD!

She kept moving to smaller and more remote villages until finally . . .
Buttercup: End of the line: Niederhalde in Wienerwald. Beyond here is just wilderness.

And in a forest village on the edge of the scary wilderness she made her home.
Village Dude: Well, I suppose you're better than nothing.
Buttercup: That's what my business card says.

Many years passed - the bright yellow hair that had given her the name "Buttercup" turned gray. She was old, and STILL not a very good Witch.
Buttercup: At least I can remove a Head-Toad now.

Then one day a mysterious and beautiful man appeared from the forest and said:
Dionysus: Greetings Forest Witch! Soon the City Witches will be losing their magic. But I can offer you GREAT MAGIC POWER! Provided, of course,

Dionysus: you're willing to make . . .A DEAL!!!!