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NEXT WEEK: THE SUPER BIG TWIST THAT WILL FOREVER CHANGE THE STORYLINE OF THE COMIC! (And in case you are wondering - it was back on Comic #94 that Nozferklaatu warned Odin that revoking the Vampire Curse would require the approval of Cthulu.)

Odin: EVERYONE IS GOING TO BLAME ME! I don't care if the Elves tease me, I'VE GOT TO END THIS VAMPIRE MESS RIGHT NOW ! Or I'll never get invited to the good parties again and I'll have to spend every evening HOME ALONE!
Loki: OK Nozferklaatu, you heard him, REVOKE THE VAMPIRE CURSE!
Nozferklaatu: Yeah. Sure thing. I'll put it on the List.

Odin: Put it on the LIST? YOU"LL DO IT NOW!!
Nozferklaatu: It can't be revoked without the Big Squids approval.
Odin: So get him to OK it!
Nozferklaatu: C-C-C-C-CAN'T - C-C-CTHULU sleeping.

Odin: Well wake Cthulu's squishy ass up!
Nozferklaatu: No can do. His NEW HIGH PRIESTESS left a "DO NOT DISTURB" sign on the TEMPLE DOOR and then left for vacation. No one dares to enter. I hear she can be VERY VERY VICIOUS!

Odin: What do you mean "She left for Vacation"?
Nozferklaatu: She left to celebrate the Saturnalia here in Midgard with her family.

Odin: The Saturnalia has been over for weeks. When does she get back from vacation?
Nozferklaatu: No one seems to know. Assistant High Priest Az-Klon was so desperate for information he even asked ME if I knew anything.
Odin: Which OBVIOUSLY you don't.