133 – I AM ELF

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133 – I AM ELF
(A Day Walker?) Odin releases Ralf back at the Bodensee because that's the last known location of the GOMA. Elves are the “Fair Folk” (Fairies). Ralf can expose his claws to sunlight because Elvan Claws don't burn. Elvan Claw SFX “SHI!” = 4 Death. This weeks answers: Navi, Switzerland, Lorelei, Rhine, Black Forest, Ralf's Nightmare shown in Comic #14 ( http://www.elvanpyres.com/?comic=14-alptraum-at-alfridge )

Lady Frisque: YEA! I get to go on a quest with my Fairy Companion!
Ralf: HEY - LISTEN! The wilderness is too dangerous for a pretty little Sphinx. We need to find you a new care taker.
Elf Claw SFX: SHI!

Ralf:The Witch Edelweiss lives just over yonder. Or if you prefer there's a famous Nixie downstream.
Lady Frisque: I prefer the Witch.
Ralf: Yeah, she's a really nice person.

Edelweiss: I'd love to have you stay with me Lady Frisque.
Lady Frisque: Thank you Miss Edelweiss!

Lady Frisque: Now you can begin your quest to destroy the Golden Orange, end the Vampire Curse, and restore your honor!
Ralf: HA HA! FUCK THAT! I'm so outta here! I'm going into the DARKEST FOREST I can find and hide out until this all blows over. I'm sure ABNOBA will be cool with that.

Lady Frisque: But you CAUSED the Vampire curse! Shouldn't YOU try to end it?
Ralf: You are clearly unfamiliar with Elvan morality.
Lady Frisque: Well I think you're being IRRESPONSIBLE!
Ralf: I'm an ELF – We do that shit.

Lady Frisque: Is it because that nightmare is still scaring you?
Ralf: Yeah, I see it everytime I sleep. They're neither Elf nor Human, and there are just TOO MANY of them! And no matter how I try to FIGHT THEM OFF, I end up getting killed. It's a warning that DEATH will be waiting for me if I return to Alf-Ridge. Long ago G'Star told me something that's finally starting to make sense.