The Comic Title “Knight of Wands” refers to Tarot, where that card signifies Departure, Flight, Travel, Adventure

Panel 1 –
There will be fan-service

Panel 2 –
Heather can use a glamour to make people see Kith as an old woman, but she has to carry a “wand” to sell the disguise.

Panel 3 –
Kith uses “Vampyric Trance” to round up livestock for the voyage to Iceland.

Panel 4 –
They stay on Iceland for one night before hiring a boat to take them to Vinland (Kith has plenty of gold in her Elvan Sack of Holding Shit).

Panel 5 –
The goat trick won’t work again, so Heather selects a sacrificial crew.

Panel 6 –
This panel spoofs the opening of “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner
Heather corrects Kith because playing the role is important to maintaining the glamour.


I’m going to do 2 more “Previews” (“STORMBRINGER” and RETROGRADE”) and then I’m going to return to updating the Main Story where it left off in chapter 2.

Let’s just say a bunch of stuff hit me over the last few months and that’s why I haven’t been updating the comic.