134 – Achilles Uses TENT!

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134 – Achilles Uses TENT!
It's Super Effective! The last "Story Page" of Chapter 1 (Two Wrap -up pages to go). This weeks answer: Jumanji! and Walt Whitman. Astute readers will note that Whitman's poem deals with the death of Abraham Lincoln at the end of the US civil war, and draw a parallel with Ralf's fate to die fighting the Vampires at Alf-Ridge.

Ralf (narrating): When I was young G'Star was a Jongleur who would entertain us with tricks, juggling, acrobatics, telling stories and singing heroic ballads.
Kid Ralf: Golden-Stars is SOOOO pretty!
Kid Rude-Elf: Ha Ha! Ralfie has a crush on the Chansons de Geste singer!
Kid Ralf: Well Duh!

Ralf (narrating): One time G'Star was telling our fortunes.
Young G'Star: Well little Ur-Alf, you're going to be the Achilles of Elves, or um, maybe the Achilles HEEL of Elves.
Kid Ralf: Can you narrow it down a bit please?
Young G'Star: The portents aren't really clear.Perhaps both.

Ralf: I don't want to bring grief to my people; so in the Forest I must wait.
Lady Frisque: 'til Dionysus roils your fate.
Ralf: What?
Lady Frisque: NOTHING! Just working on my rhyming

Lady Frisque: But who will end the Vampire Curse?
Ralf: What about that Cthulu High Priestess Chick?
Lady Frisque: The one that's gone missing?

Ralf: Yeah! Somebody needs to round her up, tell her vacation time is over, and to get her lazy ass busy cleaning up this mess!

Lady Frisque: I dunno if THAT'S a good idea. . .

Ralf: Well in any case; take care. THIS IS THE LAST ANYONE WILL SEE OF ME
until this whole mess gets sorted out!

Lady Frisque: O RLY
Witch Edelweiss: eh?
Narration: O R'Lyeh! My R'Lyeh! Our fearful trip is BEGUN . . .