124 - Hail to the BITCH, Baby

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124 - Hail to the BITCH, Baby
When danger reared it's ugly head, she bravely turned her tail and fled . . . PLOT RELEVANT TRIVIA – When Ralf (the Elf who is currently a prisoner aboard Odin's "Sail Barge") was younger he had a HUGE puppy dog crush on G'Star. (the Elf Bard with the blue robe and long blond hair)


G'Star: YIKES!
Ice Mage: SIC HER!
Scrappy the pet Veloci-Goblin: SNARL
Snappy the pet Veloci-Goblin: SNAP SNAP

Thadium: PIN HIM DOWN!

Prime Witch Violet: GOOD JOB EVERYONE - Excellent Teamwork!

Prime Witch Violet: Now let's have a look at MY new Library of Magic.
Elita: Of course.