154 - Mature Nature

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153 – Mature Nature
Panel #2 - Artemis threatens Kith, and you can tell by the look on Kith's face that she's going to "play" with Artemis.

Artemis: AH-HA! Caught You!!!
Kith: Actually I caught you!!

Artemis: For daring to spy on the love making of the gods I will KILL YOU!
Dionysus: Hey com'on, lighten up. She's just a kid., She doesn't even know who we are. You'll keep our secret won't you little girl?

Kith: Sure thing! I will never reveal the secret love of two young men!

Artemis: TWO MEN?!

Artemis: I'm a beautiful WOMAN you little nitwit!

Kith: . . .

Kith: . . .

Kith: HA! Look at that! You ARE a girl!

Artemis: Oh this just keeps getting MORE embarrassing!