144 - Like a Fawn

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144 – Like a Fawn
Twinch/Twinchin is a title not a name. It's like calling someone Sarge/Sargent.

Twinch: She has become a Vampire because as a child her low magic level leaves her vulnerable to Hexen. But ALL of us are in danger of becoming Vampires if we remain in this world.
Healer Elf: Heal

Twinch: I can think of ONLY ONE reason why anyone would DARE to use the Vampire curse against Elves again: Someone KNOWS ABOUT THE SECRET DEALI MADE WITH AZ-KLON!!

Twinch: I am sure that Sno-Loks is already working on a way to end this curse. We can beat them as long as NO INFECTED ELVES RETURN TO ALFHEIM.

Twinch: We must immediately return to Alfheim and seal the portals so that no Elvanpyres can return home
Cthulyn: Hey Twinchin! Aren't you forgettin' something? What about ME?

Twinch: I'm sorry child, but you must remain behind in this world.
Random Elf: But she is . . . she was to be . . .
Cthulyn: Oh GAW dammit . . .

Twinch: It doesn't matter. She MUST remain here alone. BUT DON'T WORRY! Young Elflings have a natural immunity to Scrying Eyes. AND I HAVE COMPLETE CONFIDENCE THAT SNO-LOKS WILL BE ABLE TO DEFEAT THIS CURSE QUICKLY!

Cthulyn's Mother: But we could stay with her!
Twinch: NO! That would only ENDANGER her! Whoever placed this curse could Scry-Lock onto YOU in order to find HER. She will be safe enuf on her own for the couple of Moons it takes Sno-Loks to end this curse.

Twinch: So you MUST leave her hidden in this forest - Like a Mother Deer hides it's Fawn in the tall grass of a meadow, awaiting her return . . .
Cthulyn: OH FAWN MY ASS!!