107 – The Longest Night

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107 – The Longest Night
Karmelita and Heinrich will play along for now and pull out their aces when the time is right ------ In the Comments Poll “Who should appear nude?”; Karmelita narrowly edged out Sno-Loks. ------ Fun Trivia Note: A Japanese superstition is that the North-East is a very bad place to put a door because ghosts can get in (Kimon = Demon Gate) .

West-Ley: Greetings. I think perhaps you better both come inside.
Karmelita: You're too kind. I've never been in the Library before.
West-Ley: No Human has, although the PRIME WITCH would love to get her hands on our Alf-Ridge tomes

West-Ley: SHOO! SHOO! Sorry, we get a lot of Ghosts in here. You know, from the Pool of Madness, Psychic Energy, blah blah blah . . .

Grand-Alf: Welcome to the Great Library of Occultus Magic!
G'Star: I made these ceremonial robes for you! Here, put them on.
Heinrich: It's like a hunting lodge for rich weirdos

Sno-Loks: This Library is a marvel of Magical Buildering. Notice how the opening faces the North-East.
Karmelita: Oh yeeeeah, I can totally see this place has Feng Shui UP THE ASS!

Who's NUDE next?
Hot tub scene coming up in several weeks - Let me know in the comments who you want to see go full frontal:. G'Star? Grand-Alf? Pan-Ghoulin???????????