122 - Too Sexy

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122 - Too Sexy?
Quick! We need a distraction and there are no demonic ducks available! Also, I'm no expert but I think the Elves are in Serious Fucking Need of a HERO. Double Also: The correct answer to Elita's question is “No, you look EXACTLY the right amount.”

Prime Witch Violet: The Bard G'Star is yellow. She WILL RUN and Elves are VERY fast, even a Vampire can't catch them.But my Ice Mage keeps a pair of pet Veloci-Goblins. They're SUPER QUICK and WILL TEAR HER TO PIECES!
Scrappy ♂
Snappy ♀
Built For SPEED!

Prime Witch Violet: Be ready tomorrow night. When the Elvanpyres receive their goats to drink it will be MAX SCHNELL disguised as a goat herder. ACT THEN!

The Next Evening . . .
Max Schnell (disguised as a goat herder): Your blood goats are here!
Elita: ♫ Oh Sno-Loks! ♪ HEIN thinks my NEW OUTFIT is TOO SEXY. But I want YOUR opinion . . .

Elita: Do YOU think I look TOO FUCKABLE?
"This scene does not contain a lap-dance" (Ding) +1 Sin