114 – A Vampire Problem

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114 – A Vampire Problem
They need a certain level of “Mana” to make another Vampire. Heinrich only knows the one trick, but the longer they're Vampires the more magic power they'll have. - Is Elita really thinking of going head-to-head against the Elves? She knows the Elves are much more powerful, but then again, she will soon command a WICKED FUCKLOAD of Vampires.

The Next Evening - In the Living Quarters
West-Ley: Are you ready to make more Vampires?
Friend Hein: We feel weak . . .
Elita: It's like our magic hasn't recovered.

West-Ley: Are you SURE your magic hasn't recovered?
Friend Hein: I'll show you - Pick a card.
West-Ley: Which one did I pick?
Friend Hein: I have no idea.
West-Ley: Yikes! We need to get Sno-Loks!

Sno-Loks: (to Grand-Alf) Human Vampires should be able to turn ANOTHER Vampire on a DAILY CYCLE. However due to imbuing them with ELVAN traits they're operating like Elves on a LUNAR CYCLE. (To Elita and Hein) Wait here.

Grand-Alf: This is BAD! With a 30 X time frame it's UNLIKELY they'll ever reach CRITICAL VAMPIRE MASS!
Sno-Loks: NOT A PROBLEM, I know a work around. The POOL OF MADNESS is a powerful source of magic. We can use it to RECHARGE the Vampires and get them back on a Daily schedule.

Grand-Alf: I don't know - if they're dependent on the Pool of Madness they'll never be able to take over the world.
Sno-Loks: They don't need to! We just want Odin to think THEY MIGHT - PANIC - and REVOKE the Vampire Curse. Then WE'LL ALL TURN BACK into Elves and People and this
whole UGLY Vampire thing will be OVER!

Friend Hein: Don't worry - the Elves will think of something to help us BUILD our VAMPIRE EMPIRE.
Elita: Yeeeeeeah. But why are they so obsessed with making Vampires?
Friend Hein: Typical Elvan pranky-ness?
Elita: I think they're HIDING something from us.