88 – The Ms-Judgment of Paris

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88 – The Ms-Judgment of Paris
In the Last Panel, (L to R): Athena, Hera, Hera's peacock, Aphrodite, Juicy (who's a VERY naughty goat), and Paris. If you think this isn't canon, check out Enrique Simonet's 1904 painting “El Juicio de Paris”. The Golden Apple is in Paris's right hand, he's CLEARLY keeping it away from the Goddesses and awarding it to Juicy the goat. CHECK IT OUT! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Enrique_Simonet_-_El_Juicio_de_Paris_-_1904.jpg “Oh Juicy, ah'm home!”

Ralf: Don't worry, after a couple thousand years the power source will fail.
Oh, and it has the phrase "To The Wackiest One" inscribed on the side.

Ralf: That's "Wackiest" with one "i".

Loki: Hey! You're in the running!
Odin: Don't make fun of me just because you have Stereo-vision.

Loki: That's "Stereo-vision" with TWO "i"s!
Odin: TURD! That's TURD with "U – R"!

Ralf: Ray called it "The Golden Orange".
Athena: Oh great, this is giving me a bad flashback to the Golden Apple and the "Judgment" of Paris!