143 - ReCursive

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143 – ReCursive
Destiny Chosen – Panel #5.

Panel #2 – is it Queen Lamia and Mr. Boodles from "Eerie Cuties”?


Panel #6 Yachiru and Ikkaku from “Bleach”


Twinch: I've seen this before! Long ago at the behest of the gods the Cthulid Spawn cast a Curse upon Elf-Kind.

Twinch: But Sno-Loks and I countered with a move that threatened to turn Midgard into a sea of flames! They were forced to lift the curse.
Queen Lamia from Eerie Cuties: On to the next temple!
Mr. Boodles: BURP

Twinch: To make sure that no one would ever be so FOOLISH as to try it again, Sno-Loks and I went to R'Lyeh to taunt them with our Victory Dance!The Cthulids were utterly humiliated !

Twinch: But it seems that ONCE AGAIN someone has resorted to the CURSE, the curse of . . .

Cthulyn: (Renegade Interrupt) OH GAW-DAMMIT! I am SO going to bite you!

Twinch: Ow Ow Ow Ow! You see? The Blood Hunger begins already!
Elf Crowd: Collective GASP