151 – Vengeance (The Pact)

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151 – Vengeance (The Pact)
PANEL 1 – Kith is twitching because she's dreaming, NOT shivering from cold, PANEL 2 – The Heavy Metal Classic by Chris Achilleos PANEL 4 – There's that Nyarly symbol again (in the background)

And when Kith sleeps, she dreams of

This is the PACT . . .

Kith: By Cthulu's left hemi-penis, anterior hectocotylus and unspeakable forth axial gonopore,I SWEAR . . . REVENGE!

Kith: Revenge on all the Elves that left me behind! Revenge against whoever cast this curse! Revenge against ANYONE who had a part in this! But especially, ESPECIALLY

Kith: Vengeance against whoever the fuck set in motion the events that caused this Vampire curse.

Ralf: Huh, that's odd . . .

Ralf: I just got the weirdest feeling of impending doom. also I have a sudden craving for chicken.