135 -Chap 1 Wrap-Up A

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135 – CHAPTER 1 WRAP-UP (Part A)
Lady Frisque just said to answer the riddle, she didn't say it had to be correct. CAN YOU GUESS HOW ALL THE CONDITIONS IN THE RIDDLE APPLY? Answers in the Transcript.

Lady Frisque's Riddle
The Beast with two backs = Sex face to face
Go on 4 feet in the morning = baby crawling
2 feet for mid-day = walk on 2 legs for most of life
3 feet in the evening = use a cane when old
12 feet at sunset = 6 pall bearers
6 feet at night = 6 feet under.

Lady Frisque spent her time amusing people with her intriguing riddles

Lady Frisque: Answer this riddle OR I WILL DEVOUR YOU!!! What beast rises from 2 backs to go on 4 feet in the morning, 2 feet for mid-day, 3 feet in the evening, 12 feet at sunset, and 6 feet at night?

Woman: A goat?
Lady Frisque: Close Enough!

At Alf-Ridge, Scrappy and Snappy had to go to bed without supper.
(And they learned that Acrobats are VERY agile!)

Meanwhile the Golden Orange Magic Amplifier went on many adventures. But the people who found it possessed it for only a very short time. Some because they were careless with it . . .
Magician: OOPS!
Assistant: Oh - smooth move, butter fingers!

Others because they were TOO Cautious and invoked the "Out of Play" location reset.
Random Man: I'll keep this little treasure all to myself and not let anyone know I have it!

Fearing that the VAMPIRUS would once again run wild, many High Level Spiritual Entities left the world - which for many users of Theurgy (Witch Craft) meant that their Magic became unreliable. (Sorcery was unaffected since it uses Magic directly from the source).
Witch: HELLO?! I'm trying to contact the Spirit World! I want to make a deal! ANYBODY?
Pre-recorded Spirit Message: Your Summoning Ceremony is important to us. Please wait for the next available Spiritual Entity . . .