142 - This May Sting A Bit

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142 – This May Sting A Bit

The "Elvan healing powers" naturally heal any minor injuries. Elves only cast “Heal” for quick healing of major injuries.

She tells the other Elves what happened, and they are alarmed
Cthulyn: I went into the sunshine and burst into FLAMES!

Everyone turns to Ol' Twinch. He listens carefully to the details of what happened and then says
Twinch: This could be SERIOUS!We MUST preform an experiment.

Twinch: Here is a harmless beam of sunlight. While she remains in the shadows everything is fine.

Twinch: But if her hand goes into the sunlight – BURNING!
Cthulyn: OW OW OW OW

Twinch: However when she returns to the shade her Elvan healing powers restore her body.
Cthulyn: Grrrrrrrrrrrr

Twinch: Sorry child, but it was a test that needed to be performed.
Cthulyn: FUCK! YOU!