126 – It takes an ELF

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126 – It takes an ELF
♬“Where have all the Wood Elves gone and where are all the Gods?”♬

Odin: Where were the HUMAN VAMPIRES spotted?
Zeus: Vindobona, but soon they'll overrun everything. To buy time I've re-activated the VAMPIRE HUNTER SPELLS
Odin: DAMMINT!! What other Gods can I count on for HELP?

Zeus: NONE! They view this as YOOOUUUR FAULT!
Odin: They're NOT going to help?!
Zeus: No, they remember the HUGE FIASCO from last time. They want NO PART of this. All the MAJOR Spiritual Entities are ABANDONING THIS WORLD and returning to the celestial abode.

Zeus: And just to make sure you don't keep pestering them for help they're MAKING VOWS NOT TO RETURN until the Vampires are DESTROYED.
Odin: What about the People? They need Deital supervision!

Zeus: A few of the Younger Gods will still be here. You know my kids, Artemis and Dionysus. They don't care about the cities. They just LOVE hanging out in the wilderness.
Odin: Oh yes, I know ALL ABOUT THEIR LOVE . . . uh . . . their love of, as you say, the “WILDERNESS”

Well anyway, Good Luck Buddy!
Odin: You're leaving too?
Zeus: You should know better than to argue with Elves! Remember: “IT TAKES AN ELF TO GET THE BETTER OF AN ELF”. And it was foolish to use that STUPID VAMPIRE CURSE again.

Odin: But the Squid critter said it was fixed.
Zeus: Never trust anything that can wiggle out of a choke hold.
Nozferklaatu: Heeeeey!

NEXT WEEK: Will Odin order Nozferklaatu to awaken Dreaming Cthulu? All signs point to “Yes” (especially since that's the title of the comic).