115 - Dive into Madness

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115 - Dive into Madness
Yeah, Vampires are MORE than willing to use sex to get what they want. Elita is still pissed at G'Star over their little “The blood is Black / Dark Red” altercation. You can tell Elita is the boss, her friend Hein is just a willing tool. Although he does look enthusiastic about his new assignment.

West-Ley: So Good News - we can use the Pool of Madness to RECHARGE your Magic Power!
Friend Hein: That's Great!

Elita: Will that cause any . . .side effects?
West-Ley: Possibly some LIGHT MADNESS - is that a problem?

West-Ley: The important thing is to make LOTS and LOTS of Vampires!
Elita: Hmmmm. . .

West-Ley: Oh! And you should go to the BIG city - WIEN! Make sure that EVERYBODY knows - the Vampires are BACK!

LATER . . .
Elita: We should be careful. Elves are as Goofy as a bag of glue. We need to learn their TRUE motivation.

Elita: In order to find out, I will, um, “pump" West-Ley for, you know; information.

Elita: And I want YOU to PUMP that stuck up bitch G'Star. Show her NO mercy - Pump her HARD!