152 – Kith Of The Shadows

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152 – Kith Of The Shadows
Panel 1 As Kith once greeted the sunrise (comic 141 - A New Day), she now greets the night – Panel 2 Alpensteinbock = Alpine Capra Ibex – Panel 4 She's on a frozen lake – Panel 7 You can clearly see her “Fang Bangs” are red from her Vengeance Pact.

Kith learns that at night she is free to move about and cross open areas like fields.
Kith: Greetings Night!
Even on the darkest nights her Elvan eyes see just fine

When she is traveling she learns how to make shelters to hide from the Sun. Here she chased an Alpensteinbock onto a snow field and was almost caught in the open by the sunrise. (Cuz everyone enjoys drinking a frosty Bock)

She also discovers that she can use cloudy days to travel outside the protection of the forest.

Often Kith just passes the time by dancing to the Music of Nature

Um . . .

I don't hear any music.

Kith: Yeah, in order to hear it you need a high Nature Affinity like we Elves.