140 – A Special Elf Child

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140 – A Special Elf Child
Panel #2: Cleophee clone.

The 1st Day of the Saturnalia, just before Nozferklaatu casts "Flames of the ELVANPYRES".
In the Eastern Alph Mountains, deep in the forest, a group of Elves are in full celebration as the
Sun starts to dip below the mountain peaks.

There's plenty of Elvan wine chilling in the snow, and a deer is roasting on the spit.

Cold and snow don't bother the Elves; they are Magi-Therms that use magic to regulate their body temperature. To the Elves, cold is SNOW big deal!

And LOOK! An Elfling! Normally the Elves control their numbers by only breeding intermittently, and then having ALL the Elf couples raise their children at the same time.

To see an Elf child outside the normal breeding cycle is unusual.
She must be a very special child

This is the first time she has been allowed to accompany the older Elves to the Saturnalia and she's having great fun!

She is learning the Elvan ways
We Elves are very . . . Naughty