119 – Created To Be Destroyed

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119 – Created To Be Destroyed
I hope nobody thought Elita and Hein were “Good Guys” before they became Vampires. They are the 2nd and 3rd most treacherous people at Alf-Ridge. Gee, I wonder who the MOST treacherous person is?

Grand-Alf: Well, I guess WE NEED A NEW PLAN.
Sno-Loks: I'll begin research in the Library of Magic. If there's ANOTHER WAY TO END THE VAMPIRE CURSE it's got to be somewhere in the Alf-Ridge Tomes.

G'Star: I feel sorry for the Vampires . . . To get a taste of immortality and have it snatched away so quickly.
Grand-Alf: Oh well, Easy come - Easy go.
Sno-Loks: Destruction is the Shadow of Creation, they cannot be separated.

Friend Hein: Well this BITES!
Elita: and SUCKS!
Friend Hein: We were created to be DESTROYED!
Elita: No take-backs on FOREVER!

Elita: Although they DO have a point about the new vampires.
Friend Hein: We just need a screening process . . .
Elita: Plus that whole "Pool of Madness" thing isn't doing us any favors.

Friend Hein: But attacking Elves is DANGEROUS - if we FAIL they will KILL US!
Elita: If we DON'T KILL THEM, they will find a way to STEAL our immortality!

Friend Hein: We need HELP! We need the PRIME WITCH on our side!
Elita: Oh, she is SO ANGRY with me right now!