129 – Destroy the Golden Orange!

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129 – Destroy the Golden Orange!
THE RACE IS ON! Both Ralf and Cthulyn want to end the Vampire curse and have the power to do so, but waking Cthulu will result in untold destruction and suffering. Will Ralf be able to destroy the Golden Orange before Cthulyn gets back to R'Lyeh to awaken Cthulu? Also: Ralf explains the Anti-Destruction Enchantment on the Golden Orange Magic Amplifier in Comic #17. Lady Frisque the House Sphinx advises Ralf on its construction in Comic #18. Knowing why Ray Theoplant has so much power requires solving the "Cast" page puzzle.

Odin: Ganesha set the Spell Break for the Vampire Curse as "Destroy the Golden Orange Magic Amplifier". How good is that ANTI-DESTRUCTION ENCHANTMENT that RAY THEOPLANT placed on the Golden Orange?
Ralf: Top notch. That crazy Sorcerer RAY THEOPLANT had an insane amount of magic power and always used it to craft the the very best spells.

Odin: So there's NO WAY to destroy the Golden Orange?
Ralf: No FUCKIN' way! You CAN'T END the stupid Vampire Curse by destroying the Golden Orange because every time it's rendered either "Inoperable" or "Out of Play" the Neutral Gods will just RESPAWN it at a random location.

Lady Frisque: Ain't that the GOOFIEST thing evah? That's why when he was building it I had Ralf leave himself a special "Service Option" that will allow him to DISASSEMBLE IT.


Odin: WAIT!!! That troublesome piece of crap can be DISASSEMBLED???!!!
Ralf: Well I can disassemble it . . . nobody else can.

Loki: You KNOOOOW what you're going to have to do here, RIGHT?
Odin: Yeeeeeah . . .