121 - To Kill an Elf

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121 - To Kill an Elf . . .
There are several ways to kill Elvanpyres, but Violet goes straight to the heart of the matter. IMPORTANT TRIVIA: WE NOW KNOW THE IDENTITIES OF THE PEOPLE IN RALF'S NIGHTMARE (Comic #15 "Evil?"). On the Judges Platform – Thadium the Vampire, Cthulyn the Rogue Elf, and Prime Witch Violet. The hand holding the “Blitz-Blade” that kills Ralf – Max Schnell (Violet's Alchemist). TALE OF THE TAPE IN THE TRANSCRIPT!!!

Prime Witch Violet: Why ever would I betray the "Fair Folk"?
Elita: Because I can give you their "Library of Magic"
Prime Witch Violet: Oh you know my desires so well!

Prime Witch Violet: What do you propose?
Elita: We split them 2 by 2. You kill the toughest one: West-Ley.
Prime Witch Violet: OK, but then I also get the weakest one: G'Star. Deal?
Elita: Deal.

Prime Witch Violet: ALSO: You make the first move - the first kill. THEN we will support you.
Elita: Not a problem.

Elita: Snow-Loks and Grand-Alf are just Scholars, so they shouldn't be too
tough. However West-Ley is 6'8" and was originally trained as a fighter.

Prime Witch Violet: To kill West-Ley I'll assign my Alchemist MAX SCHNELL. He mixes his own "Quickness Potions" that briefly make him quicker than an Elf. The easiest way to kill an Elf is by an ENCHANTED BLADE THRU THE HEART. Schnell uses a "Blitz Blade" for extra speed.

Prime Witch Violet: You two should use your stealth to kill the first scholar, then have your Vampires swarm and overwhelm the other one. Get THADIUM to organize your forces, the other Vampires seem to listen to him for some reason.


How tall is everyone? It's tough to tell because when I draw the characters I “cheat” to fit everybody in the same small panel. Here's the heights they are supposed to be:
7'4” (224cm) Glenn Dale (Prime Witch Violet's Human Giant who is not yet at Alf-Ridge)
6'8” (203cm) West-Ley
6'4” (193cm) Average Male Elf (Ralf, Snow-Loks Grand-Alf)
6”1” (185cm) G'Star, Heinrich (the biggest non-giant “Human” at Alf-Ridge)
6'0” (183cm) Average Female Elf (Cthulyn), Max Schnell the Kwik-Nyf Alchemist
5'10” (178cm) Thadium the Vampire
5'6” (168cm) Prime Witch Violet
5'4” (163cm) The Ice Mage
5'0” (152cm) Elita
3'0” (91cm) The Ice Mage's pet Veloci-Goblins: Scrappy(♂) and Snappy (♀)