Torquing the Goddess

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Torquing the Goddess

New words to learn: Artemis, Dionysus, Thyrsus, Thiasus, Silenus, Maenads!
And if anyone questions how I drew Dionysus's “package”, I would like you to look up online the pictures of Greek statues (I did my research). Dionysus is on the Elves side because Loki stole his party hats (Pilleum) back in Comic #39. Also Silenus the Horse/Man gets a whole new art upgrade. And Yes, Kith is DELIBERATELY annoying Artemis (She's going to be doing that A LOT).

Artemis: Di, this little imp needs to Die!
Dionysus: Now Di, no need for that.

Kith (thinking): Di and Di? Dionysus and Diana!

Kith: You're ARTEMIS! And this must be your BARE CULT!
Artemis: Well, the little beast recognized me, now I HAVE to kill her.

Dionysus: But she's an innocent young girl! Aren't you supposed to be their protector?
Artemis: I don't think Elves count.
Dionysus: Com'on

Artemis: Fine, because you're an INNOCENT young girl . . .
Kith: Wow, he's got an impressive ROD!

Artemis: WHAAAT?!

Artemis: Oh you mean his THYRSUS. Yeah, it is pretty fancy!

Artemis: Now where was I , oh yeah -INNOCENT young girl . . .
Kith: AAAAND he's got a ROCKIN' STAFF!

Artemis: WHAAAT?!

Artemis: Oh you mean his THIASUS!
Dionysus: Silenus and the Maenads do like to PAR – TAY!

Artemis: Anyway - INNOCENT . . .
Kith: and I can totally see everyone's PEE-PEES!