Note: Because I was rushed to meet my schedule (back when ELVANPYRES had one) I put this comic up without shading and planned to re-do it later. I eventually did go back and get it mostly shaded, but then I went on hiatus, and when I tried co restart the comic my laptop crashed.
Will this comic ever be shaded? I dunno.

113 – Exponential Vampires

↓ Transcript
113 – Exponential Vampires

ELVANPYRES 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!! Unfortunately things weren't going so well for me this weekend (including slicing my hand while opening a can), so I ran out of time and didn't even get to do the shading. That's my favorite part! Oh well maybe later.

West-Ley: Don't YOU wish you could be Immortal Vampires TOO? Well thanks to this limited time offer - NOW YOU CAN BE!
Desparate Townsman: YOU MUST TELL US HOW!

West-Ley: The complex transference from Elves to Humans is complete. Now Human Vampires can easily make NEW Vampires with a simple biting ritual involving TEETH. We need 2 volunteers please.

West-Ley: The first part of the biting ritual involves BITING . . . also some blood sucking because the vampire must take some of YOUR blood before you can join it's bloodline.

West-Ley: Since you still don't have your own fangs at this point, the Vampires prepare your first meal by opening their own veins.

West-Ley: And as you drink the Vampires blood, YOU will become a Vampire TOO!

West-Ley: Each Vampire can create a new Vampire every evening. So tomorrow evening we will create 4 more Vampires. The Vampirus will explode EXPONENTIALLY - engulfing the world in a spreading wave of TERROR!!