130 – Bargaining with an Elf

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130 – Bargaining with an Elf
Panel 2 was inspired by my struggles to get the comic out each week. Also in case you were wondering - Ralf gets the big dressing room.

Odin: I've got an offer for you Elf: I will release you on condition that you find the Golden Orange, DISASSEMBLE IT and DESTROY the pieces. That will END THE VAMPIRE CURSE. Deal?
Ralf: Eh . . . I don't know. Nozferklaatu said he would use his tentacles to put on a PUPPET SHOW next week.

Nozferklaatu: I've got MAJOR script problems! I need to do a complete REWRITE!!! You don't know the STRESS I'm under!

Odin: Anyway . . .
Ralf: FORGET IT! The Golden Orange has Scry Belie and Trace Erase. The only way to find it now is by pure Dumb Luck!

Lady Frisque: And when it comes to LUCK, Ralf is the DUMBEST! He will hunt this thing down no matter how long it takes!

Odin: How long WILL it take?
Lady Frisque: Days! Weeks! Months! MAYBE YEARS!!!!
Loki: I don't see that we have a choice.