120 - The Prime Bitch

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120 - The Prime Bitch
Karmelita was the protégé of Prime Witch Violet, while Heinrich was a local tough guy that Violet used when she needed some “muscle”. That's why as new Vampires Elita showed off her strength while Hein showed off his new magic abilities.

Prime Witch Violet: Well look who decided to come CRAWLING BACK!
Elita: Do you SEE us on our knees?

Prime Witch Violet: Oh little HARMelita, you have SO MUCH Magic potential. But first you get involved in an office romance with my enforcer, and then you both desert me to become Vampires.

Elita: So I've chosen to become a Vampire, I haven't given up on Magic. And with Immortality comes the time needed to master the more powerful Sorcerers path.
Prime Witch Violet: The Sorcerers path and the Witches path are different. Why come to me?

Elita: The Elves are TREACHEROUS!
Prime Witch Violet: NO. SHIT!

Elita: Even now they work to undo what THEY PROMISED US, what we PAID FOR IN BLOOD AND PAIN!
Prime Witch Violet: So what do you expect me to do about it?

Elita: There are ONLY 4 ELVES LEFT at Alf-Ridge, while we Vampires have grown numerous. You command powerful fighters. TOGETHER, we can KILL THE ELVES!
Prime Witch Violet: I've SWORN TO SERVE THE ELVES and they have rewarded me greatly. Now think CAREFULLY . . .