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148 – Welcome to the Jungle

YOU KNOW WHERE YOU ARE? You're in the Jungle baby, you're gonna DIE! That's a True Story – THAT AIN'T NO LIE! (Guns and Roses)

Narrator: The Elf child contemplates her new situation. She is alone in the forest

Narrator: ALL ALONE . . .
Kith: Except for you.
Narrator(?): You can't see me!

Kith: No. but I can sort of HEAR you. These pointy ears work REALLY well you know.

Kith: It's like you're far away and under water.

Narrator(?): . . .

Kith: Are you still there?

Kith: Hello?

Kith: Huh . . .

Kith: Even my imaginary friend has left me.

Narrator(?): And so the Elf child begins her battle for survival in a hostile and unfamiliar world.
Kith: I'm not talking to you anymore!