Don’t get used to it. But I wanted to practice some.

Yes, Clover’s Spell-book has coupons for “Cure Hangover”
And “No”, her initiation ceremony hasn’t happened yet.
Heather has it scheduled for the next full moon.

In Norse society, a Völva (a female shaman and seer) was an elderly woman who traveled the land, usually followed by a retinue of young people. The vǫlur were referred to by many names. Old Norse vǫlva means “wand carrier” or “carrier of a magic staff”. Historical and mythological depictions of vǫlur show that they were held in high esteem. She had immense authority and she charged well for her services.
The vǫlur were not considered to be harmless.

Volva on wikipedia.org

And for those that didn’t read Chapter 2 or forgot:

The Elves Sno-Loks and Twinchin made a secret deal with Cthulu’s High Priest Az-Klon to make an Elf girl the new High Priestess.

When Child Kith was in training to be Cthulu’s new High Priestess, she used the portals to go from R’leyh to Alfheim, then joined her family and used the portals to travel to Midgard (Alps region) for the Saturnalia.

After Kith became a Vampire, the other Elves left her behind and sealed the portal.
Kith knows she can end the Vampire curse by awakening Cthulu, but doesn’t yet realize she is on the same world as R’leyh.