112 – Naked Hot Tub Fun

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112 – Naked Hot Tub Fun
The pose G'Star strikes is from Zakuro getting into the tub in “Bash-to-Death Angel Dokuro-chan” – – (@ 2:01) – –
– – The outfit Elita wears is based on B-Ko's battle bikini from “Project A-Ko” where A-Ko makes fun of her and asks “Ain't it COLD in that? – – (@ 0:56- 1:26) – –
– – Also: I "LIEFELDed" that horse, I "Liefelded" the HELL out of that horse! You CAN'T see it's hooves and it's wearing too many saddlebags.

Grand-Alf: You can relax for now, but tomorrow evening you will need to put on a show and recruit the Townsfolk to create MORE Vampires.
Elita: Oooooh, so THESE are your PIERCINGS! What does it feel like when it's going in?

The Next Evening, just after sunset, in the town square . . .
West-Ley: You will see that becoming Vampires has given Elita and Friend Hein NEW POWERS!

A-Ko: Gosh, ain't it cold in that?
Elita: Cold is no longer a problem for us.

West-Ley: They are STRONGER!
Startled Townsman: HEY NOW!

West-Ley: FASTER!
Impressed Townswoman: WOW!
West-Ley: And they now have MAGICAL POWERS!
Friend Hein:Go ahead, pick a card, any card!
Village Idiot: Hmmmmm . . .