118 – Vampires and Vaults

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118 – Vampires and Vaults
. . . and the Vampires have gone off the rails. Remember that as a condition to transfer the Vampire curse to humans, the Elves had to also transfer some Elvan traits to them also. Sno-Loks lost control of the ceremony, and who knows how much was actually transferred. But the Vampires definitely got some of the Elves wackiness.

Sno-Loks: Apparently cramming Elvan Whimsy into a Human mind is NOT a good thing to do. Our Vampires seem to have come out . . . "Funny"

Grand-Alf: Where are the Vampires now?
West-Ley: Well, they should be a dark presence, malicious and hungry, out terrorizing the night. But instead a bunch of them are down in the sub-basement playing a weird game that Thadium invented.

Thadium: You round the corner of the dungeon - WHEN SUDDENLY . . .
Playing Vampire: YES????

Thadium: You have to take a dump! Roll to see how bad it smells.


Thadium: WHOA! Pungent!
DM GF: Stinky!
Playing Vampire: I thought you said we were going to battle monsters.