117 – World of Worry

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117 – World of Worry
Sure, when anything goes wrong; BLAME THE VAMPIRES! Elita and Hein have obviously mastered the Vampire Skill: “Shadow Skulker”. Also a note on Panel #4: While doing the rough layout I thought it would be amusing to draw G'Star in the same style as Dana from the web comic “Elven”. They're both very blond. And yes, Ralf is chained up to the Death Star.

Several evenings later, aboard Odin's Sail Barge . . .

Odin: I'M WORRIED. I've been hearing rumors about HUMAN Vampires.
Nozferklaatu: That's unpossible! I'm sure it's just Elvanpyres being mistaken for HUMAN Vampires.
Odin: But Elvanpyres usually attack forest creatures for blood. Only Human Vampires prefer Human blood.

Loki: Those tricky Elves are just trying to spook you! You've got them beat as long as you don't blow your cool!
Odin: Yeeeeeah . . .

Meanwhile, in the tunnels beneath Alf-Ridge . . .
Grand-Alf: I'm worried. The rumors about the Human Vampires are spreading, but Odin still hasn't revoked the curse. Something seems to be going wrong with the plan.

Sno-Loks: No, Grand-Alf has a point, something ISN'T WORKING, but I don't think it's the plan.

Sno-Loks: I think the problem is with the VAMPIRES!