132 – The Game Begins

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132 – The Game Begins
What possible use could a Staff of Wood be against Vampires? Elfina brought Ralf his Haversack back in comic #98. THIS WEEKS ANSWERS: Woden, Deutsch “Hafersack” = Oat Bag, Gap Year, The Dark Knight, Morrowind

Ralf: Since I'm a spry Elf I don't need a Walking Staff of Wooden, so I'll just put THAT in my Haversack. It's called a Haversack, 'cause I "HAVE 'ER" right here!

Odin: Are you sure it's not an OAT BAG?
Ralf: No, it's an Elvan SACK OF HOLDING SHIT and it's bigger on the inside! Check it out!
Odin: WOW!

Odin: What a complete fucking mess.
Ralf: Yeah! Ain't it sump-thin?

Ralf: I'm gonna CHUNDER everywhere!
Odin: Why would Nozferklaatu use a defective curse? Why didn't he use Spell Check?
Loki: With respect Odin, perhaps this is a Squid you don't fully understand. You see, some Squids don't care about anything. Some Squids . . .

Loki: just want to watch the Elves burn.

Jiub: Stand up! You were dreaming.
Ralf: I'm UP Enwah!
Jiub: What's your name?
Ralf: You KNOW it's RALF!

Jiub: Here comes the Guard!
Guard: This is where you get off!
Jiub: You'd better do what they say.
Ralf: Not statistically likely.