108 – The Black Blood

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108 – The Black Blood
108 = the number of temptations humans face. This weeks reference is to the film “PROMETHEUS” (Panels 1,3,4,7) . Dr. Shaw wanted to know why the Engineers would make humans and then want to destroy them, Karmelita will soon be wondering why Elves would create Vampires only to turn around and try and destroy them. The “W” on David's finger indicated he was a product of the Weyland Corp., the “W” on Karmelita's finger also signifies where she comes from, but which alliance?

Karmelita: Why do you want to CREATE Vampires?
Grand-Alf: Because we CAN.
Karmelita: Well that's a disappointing answer. . .

Sno-Loks: Well, why do YOU want to BE Vampires?
Karmelita: We want what everyone wants; MORE LIFE. You are offering us immortality.

Sno-Loks: How far would you go to get what you want? What would you be willing to do?
Karmelita and Heinrich: Anything and everything.

Sno-Loks: Sometimes to CREATE, one must first DESTROY.

Elves: This is our blood poured out to establish a new covenant for the many to come . . .

Sno-Loks: Group Heal.
Karmelita: Why is your blood black?
G'Star: It's NOT Black! It's really Dark Red!

Karmelita: It looks black . . .

G'Star: IT'S DARK RED! DARK RED DAMMIT! The lighting is just BAD in here!
Karmelita: OK, OK! The lighting is bad . . . sheesh.