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17 - Two can keep a secret . . .
Hmmmm, I wonder if that has something to do with why Ray recently acquired Lady Frisque as a companion animal.

Lady Frisque: Hey, after you finish it just give it to me! I'll drop it where it will never be found.
Ralf: Won't work, the Neutral Gods will intervene.
Lady Frisque: Those Neutral Gods are never helpful!
Ralf: If it's removed from the playing field they will put it back in play at a random location.
Lady Frisque: What do they consider the playing field to be?
Ralf: The enchantment spec sheet says: "The object is considered out of play unless it is observed by at least 2 sentient beings every lunar cycle".
Lady Frisque: Why two?
Ralf: Because "2 can keep a secret if one is dead".
Lady Frisque: Oh, so if 2 people can fight over it it's in play.
Ralf: It's a slippery little bitch. If it ever gets away good luck getting it back. That's why I wrote my name on the bottom.
Lady Frisque: Are you SURE it can't be destroyed? It doesn't look reinforced.
Ralf: It's not. A short fall will wreck the internal mechanisms.
Lady Frisque: Then why did you call it indestructible?
Ralf: If it's rendered inoperable the Neutral Gods will reconstitute it in operable form at a random location.
Lady Frisque: Meaning somewhere people can fight over it!