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22 – Rude Elf, Alfin and his fancy hat
Oh nice move Auberille, way to prime the Karma pump.

Rude Elf: There, the keg is tapped, the party is officially started!
Alfin: You can tap the keg anytime you like, but it's not a party until the girls show up.
Rude Elf: Well here's Ralf with Elfina and Auberille. NOW the party is officially started! HEY RALFIE BOY!
Ralf: Hey Rude Elf! Hey Alfin, what's with the silly hat?
Rude Elf: He's trying to impress the lassies!
Alfin: It's not a silly hat. The ladies like this fancy stuff.
Ralf & Rude Elf: HA HA!
Alfin: Don't laugh at my hat!Let's go see what Auberille thinks!
Auberille: Hey! What's with the silly hat? Is this a silly hat party?