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26 - Uncle Snoozy
I figure if the story has Elves you HAVE to establish their relationship to the Dwarves.

Alfin: Ah-oh! They've spotted us, they're pointing . . .
Ralf: Yep, one of them is coming over.
Ralf: Awww Crap! It's my super great Uncle Snoozy. You guys be cool, OK?
Uncle Snoozy: Hey Kiddo!
Ralf: Hey Uncle.
Snoozy: Check it out - I put bells in my beard!
Ralf: Neat - oh.
Snoozy: You ought to stop by the forge. I can show you some useful smithing skills!
Ralf: Oooooooo, working at a hot blast furnace! I can't think of a funner way to spend my time!
Snoozy: Maybe it'll build up those skinny arms of yours.
Snoozy: Well I gotta get going, there's a lot of hot Elf chicks here and I'm feelin' lucky!
Ralf: Ah yeah, the bells should do it!