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35 - Save the BEER!
That Alfin always keeps his priorities straight.

Odin: OK, so whats the prank?
Loki: Well, the Elves are basically having a big outdoor picnic, what ruins picnics?
Odin: Let's see, ants I guess?
Loki: Oh I think we can go bigger than that!

Loki: OK Nose Fur, hit 'em with RATS!
Nozferklaatu: Summon PLAGUE OF PICNIC RATS!

Odin: Wow, that's a lot of rats!
Nozferklaatu: In order to make the plague quota I had to mix in some field mice. Also maybe a couple of beavers, I wasn't really paying attention.

Girl Elf: EEK!!
Boy Elf: RATS!
Boy Elf: Vile creatures!
Special Guest Star Rat: Ha Ha!

Rude Elf: They're getting into the food!
Alfin: Save the BEER!

Odin: Hey Elfs! Nice picnic, - if you're a RAT!