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Rude-Elf: ATTENTION - Mr. Odin – Please return home immediately – your son BALDUR has had a terrible accident!
Odin: Oh no! My beloved Baldur. I've got to hurry back to Asgard!
Loki: I don't know, this smells like a prank.
Odin: But I need to know if Baldur is alright!
Loki: Call up Frigg on the crystal ball and find out.
Frigg: Baldur is fine, but if will make you feel better, I'll get everything in the world to promise not to hurt him.
Odin: So she's making everything in the world promise not to hurt Baldur.
Loki: Everything?
Odin: Well probably just the stuff that can be dangerous. Why?
Loki: Hmmmmmm . . .