↓ Transcript
Rude-Elf: Odin carries an alarm to warn him if Ragnarök starts. I'm going to set it off so he'll have to go check.
Alfin: Do you know what kind of power that would take?
Rude-Elf: This kind: RAGNARÖK ALERT
Odin: YAAAAA!!! My Ragnarök Alarm is going off!
Odin: This is it! This is the BIG ONE! I've gotta get back to Asgard for the battle of the Rainbow Bridge!
Loki: Dude chill out! It's a false alarm!
Loki: Does it look like Fenrir is attacking?
Odin: No, I suppose not.
Elf Girl who looks suspiciously like Miss Sakaki: AH! Nice Doggie!
Odin: But then what could have set off my alarm?