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59 – Hardcore Pranking Time
Apparently supernatural law is pretty lenient as long as you can show you only intended to “prank” somebody.

Rude-Elf: Time for some HARDCORE pranking!
Alfin: Odin is back in his Sky City. I don't think you can do jack shit to him now.

Rude-Elf: Guess again Alfie Boy, I'm going to bring down his whole fucking Sky City.
Alfin: I think that might cross the line from "prank" to "criminal offense".

Rude-Elf: What? NO! We just pop the city's Luft enchantment, it plunges toward the lake and everyone freaks out, but at the last moment the safety spell kicks in and prevents a crash!

Alfin: Yeah, I still don't think you have enough magic power for that.
Rude-Elf: I don't, but this little Deus Ex Machina is about to turn a crappy day into a win.

Alfin: You're strangely confident for someone who doesn't know how that magic amplifier works.
Rude-Elf: Ignorance is the foundation of confidence.

Rude-Elf: Didn't you pay attention in Elf School?