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79 – Ralf returns to the Elf City
Looks like somebody did a belly flop. Also it's been very traumatic for the little house sphinx.

Ralf: I'm pretty sure the fall into the lake has washed the crap off the shrine to Azathoth - So I'm crossing "Clean Shrine" off my "To Do" list.
Lady Frisque: It's ALL gone!

Lady Frisque: My food! My toys! That little red dot that I could never catch! I'll never see them again!

Ralf: Don't worry, I'll take care of you.
Lady Frisque: You will?
Ralf: Yeah, I guess I'll go back to the fighters dorm. You'll like guarding that. Heal self . . .

Ralf: Most of my stuff is stored there. Thankfully the Elf City was already resting on the shoreline when the curse hit. We also need to get the Golden Orange away from Rude-Elf.

Ralf: I see every Elf is still busy cleaning up crap. We'll just slip into the dorm and freshen up.

Lady Frisque: I'm hungry! I need comfort food!
Ralf: Would you like an ELVAN grainola bar?
Lady Frisque: GIMME!