83 – The Wisdom Gods

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83 – The Wisdom Gods
Thoth is the Egyptian God of Wisdom and arbitrator of conflicts between good and evil, and he has the head of an Ibis bird. Athena is the virgin Greek Goddess of Wisdom, Law, Justice and Just Warfare. The little hat on Athena's head is her helmet, (which in my drawing she has shrunken down so that it's easier to carry, but it can be embiggened if she needs to wear it). Also, it IS Winter. Ganesha is the Hindu God of Wisdom and the placer and remover of obstacles. One of Ganesha's tusks is broken, and his color is light-ish red.

Odin: That's it! We've GOT em!
Loki: Yep! RALF is an Elf name!
SFX: finger poke
Nozferklaatu: HEY! Watch the smudge marks!
Crewman #6: Sir, a group of Gods have just come aboard to meet with you.

Crewman #6: The fellow members of your "Wisdom Group": Thoth, Athena, and Ganesha.
Athena: Did he HAVE to say "FELLOW MEMBERS"? I'm already uncomfortable enough being sandwiched by you two!

Odin: Thoth old buddy! How's it going!
Thoth: Knock it off Odin! Everyone knows you were in a prank war with the Elves. Now all the Sky Cities are destroyed except for YOUR city and the ELF city.
Nozferklaatu: Wanna check out my HARD evidence?
Athena: You are really not helping my comfort level!