87 – Why So PROBLEM

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87 – Why So PROBLEM?
That Ralf is such a joker. Here he brings Odin up to speed on the Golden Orange, while Odin explains why Magic Amplifiers are forbidden.

Odin: Don't you take responsibility for ANY of this?
Ralf: The wicked flame detailing was totally MY idea!

Odin: How could you build such an abomination?
Ralf: At a work bench. Why so PROBLEM?

Odin: Don't you understand that Magic Amplifiers are dangerous because they invariably fall into the hands of someone irresponsible? It's just a recipe for mischief!

Odin: Tell us what kind of monstrosity we're dealing with here.
Ralf: It has Scry and Trace shielding, and it's Destruction Protected

Ralf: Alfin tried to smash it, but since it can't be destroyed it will just reappear somewhere else.

Odin: So there's NO WAY to destroy this thing?
Ralf: Nope! The Neutral Gods will just keep reconstituting it at random locations.