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Trying some different shading techniques. Meh. It's nice outside, I don't feel like doing a lot of drawing. This whole page got written just because I thought it would be cute to have Lady Frisque impersonate Nike. (Panel 3 - Athena holding “Nike”). If you're overly concerned about where the wreath, T-shirt, and wine goblet came from and went, all god level characters can summon and dismiss minor items.

Odin: Time to gloat and flaunt our victory in the Elves faces! Athena would you care to do the honors?
Athena: You bet!
Loki: Heeeey, I had a whole thing planned . . .

Lady Frisque: Oh, can I help? Please please please PAH-LEEZE?
Athena: Well OK, but just this one time.
Lady Frisque's T-Shirt: JUST WIN IT!
Athena: VICTORY!

Lady Frisque: Well that was fun!
Loki: Hey Athena!

Loki: Is this one of Nozferklaatu's tentacles or am I just happy to see you?
Athena: You Sicko! That thing is NOT a cuddle fish!

Loki: Don't worry it's just a tentacle. I'm never happy to see you.
Athena: The feeling's mutual.